R&D Service


ARC is the strategic partner for all companies that require specialized expertise in planning, coordination and execution of its research and development projects and for the development of new products and new processes.

Through its internal expertise and a large and established network, composed by public and private operators, our company is able to provide a complete advice for the development of research and development projects in the technology sector.

Different skills of the ARC team are call to ensure a complete supervision of “research and development” activities needed to achieve the objectives of the client companies.

A complete R&D Service

— Plannnig: Our R&D managers cooperate immediately with the company to  focus on the goals, the actions, the time and costs necessary to achieve the objective, coming to develop a plan through which the client company will be able to monitor and verify the results and progress of its project.

— Coordination: The ARC project managers dedicated to the client companies project will verify step by step all activities, intervening in the research phase and coordinating actively and personally any external expertise, becoming the only interface for the company.

— Execution: Through its internal expertises and facilities, its laboratories and its highly qualified personnel ARC carry out the activities of feasibility studies, Prototype research, laboratory testing and in real enviroment testing necessary to achieve the objective.


ARC Expertises and facilities

- Design and development of Optoelectronic sensors for AIR and in Liquid application;

- Design and development of Electrochemical sensors for RedOx based application;

- Design and development of Textile sensors for smart tissue;

- Design and development of Microfluidic Chip for low volume application;

- 3D design for prototype development;

- Tecnological analysis in field of sensor;

- Hardware and software development for bench measurement;

Fast Prototyping: 3D printing, Micro-milling, Micro-plotter, ...

Optoelectronic sensor development: Test bench for gas-sensing performance evaluation, Test bench for liquid-sensing performance evaluation, SPR test bench in different configuration (prisma, refrectiong grating, trasmission), ...

Electrochemical sensor development: Test bench for ciclovoltammetry redox analysis, Test bench for electrochemical impedence spectroscopy analysis, ...

Textile sensor development: Inkjet electrical ink deposition for sensor prototipization, Test bench for electrical performance of textile sensor, ...


University of Padova (Italy), Uppsala University (Sweden), Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), Stanfrod University (USA).

Public and Private Research Center:

CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler.>

contact_us_banner1Contact us to arrange a first meeting free. One ARC researcher will provide you more details and information about the procedures for carrying out the research projects pursued by our company.

The preliminary meeting  will be preceded by a confidentiality agreement to protect the know-how of client companies

Contact us at: service@arc-projects.it

R&D Manager: Ph.D  Matteo Scaramuzza

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