ARC Technology

Innovative nanostructured sensors based on SPR effect for molecular identification

Immagine GRBased on the “Surface Plasmon Resonance” ARC sensors represent an innovative solution for the implementation of sensitive and selective instrument for molecular identification and analysis.

The ARC devices are designed for companies that want to develop new and very selective tools, integrating ARC technology and overcoming many of the current detection technologies limitations.

Special features make ARC devices excellent core of innovative technologies that need to identify with precision and speed substances present in air or fluids


The high robustness, repeatability, and reliability make it an ideal for medical, biological or food and poeple safaty application.

The versatility of ARC chip, highly sensitive and compatible with many functionalization solution (laboratory and industrial), making them strategic in a large number of application fields.

The “low cost” propriety of the single chip promote ARC technology as the basis for the development of mass screening systems thanks to an approach of disposable sensor.

Currently  ARC technology is already used by research centers and private companies to develop innovative products in different application fields.




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